Green buildings

Certain shapes have a beneficial effect on human health and behavior. The use of these shapes in the design of houses, furniture and objects that surround us improves the quality of our lives, supports our immune system and the comfort of living. Fractal forms resonate with various body organs and can even have an effect on the processes of healing or rejuvenating the body.

One of such, pleasing to our eye fractal forms is the dome – or half of the sphere. Houses in the shape of a dome are gaining more and more popularity in Poland. Due to their shape they are more energy-efficient and faster to implement than conventional houses, much less energy is needed to heat them. Their form makes them resistant to storms and earthquakes, which is a great advantage in times of rapid weather changes. They are durable and environmentally friendly, if made of natural materials. The latter used to fill the walls and interior design affect a good indoor climate, beneficial for people with respiratory problems or asthma. Clay or lime plasters, natural paints and oils used for wood impregnation, make the air inside become fractal and healthy, and the comfort of living far exceeds that in homes with conventional materials, full petroleum materials and harmful chemical emissions.