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Living in a dome

text: Alosha Lynov

..”The acoustics from inside and outside a round house are softer. Softer sounds helps the nervous system to relax and digest. A supported nervous system means good quality sleep, healthy immune system and happy moods.Water absorbs sound … think Dr. Emoto. When smooth sounds enter water, the water reflects this.

Consider that the human body is primarily water.

When we have a balanced energy flowing through our veins this translates outwards into balanced living.I have personally experienced the benefits of harmony from both living in a circular home and building one.​

The arch is the strongest form in architecture and has been used in building for thousands of years. A dome is simply an arch rotated 180 degrees. (as described by Nader Kalili my personal dome instructor)The roundness of the dome reflects the spirals that make up our entire planet AND even our own bodies. Our muscles, neural networks, and cells are made up of spirals.

Because of this natural pattern, research shows that round structures are more conducive to mental clarity, stability, and produce feelings of harmony and balance in those that dwell inside them.” (Nadir Khalili)


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